Why Us?

Our clients consider our company much more than a ‘traditional’ software development firm. In fact, Clients find that we add value even before the development process begins.  We build upon our clients’ plans and develop new ideas. Unlike the ‘other’ firms we approach all of our projects from a holistic view point.  We plan for all of the critical components such as unique functionalities, current and future business development, lead generation, marketing and search engine optimization (SEO/SEM), site performance, security and marketplace differentiation.

Working in close partnership with our clients we generate an atmosphere of creative excitement about the project.  
We thrive on this colaborative synergy and channel it towards the outstanding results. This aliance works and our reputation speaks for itself: Media Plexus not only shows a remarkable track record in retaining our clients, but most of our new projects come from our existing clients' referrals.

Our Experience and Reputation helps us to win over top clients
For over 15 years, Media Plexus Inc has been performing Web, Software and Multimedia Development services and providing a wide spectrum of Interactive Media Solutions to a multitude of clients:

  • US and Foreign Governments, United Nations
  • Military: US Navy and Air Force
  • Industrial, Manufacturing and Retail Leaders
  • Banks, Financial and Marketing Groups
  • Medical, Scientific, Legal, Engineering & Architectural firms
  • Film, Video and Game production studios; Casinos and Movie theaters
  • Private Investors and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Fortune 500 Companies as well as new startups and small businesses
  • USA and Worldwide

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Our People is our strength
Our staff is comprised of the business development specialists, software architects and engineers, designers and digital artists- all at the top of their profession, all passionate about their work, all ready to face challenges of project, regardless the size and complexity. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients starting from the discovery process and every step of the way onwards, turning concepts into viable, successful and scalable applications.  And because ideas often evolve at the speed of technology, we build long term relationships with our clients to help them keep up – and hopefully, stay ahead of the pack.

Our Values and Philosophy
Our Philosophy is to provide best Value solutions to our clients and promote the highest standards of quality, integrity and mutual respect. We strive for providing the best experience necessary to help our clients and employees to meet and exceed their business or professional goals.

Project portfolio
We are proud to present our project-rich portfolio that aptly reflects our business, technical and creative abilities across the multitude of arts, disciplines, technologies and platforms.

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Great workload capacity
Over time we have created and proved successful a system for the most efficient workload distribution between our team of 29 full-time professionals. We are fully capable of handling multiple complex projects simultaneously. 

Virtually all project related tasks are performed in-house. However, occasionally th ere might be a need for a very narrowly specialized knowledge or a unique expertise. In case such an occasion should arise, Media Plexus Inc has established a successful working relationship with leading financial, scientific, and engendering facilities, so no matter what our Client’s special needs are, we will always be able to find a solution.

Reliability and punctuality
We place a great importance on properly assessing and timely addressing our Client’s needs, to ensure that all projects are completed within budget and on time