Additional Services

Graphic Design and Illustration

At Media Plexus, we see graphic design as much more than just pretty pictures. In our visually oriented, information-powered world, graphic design has to serve a multitude of functions simultaneously:

  • Convey a message
  • Inform and instruct
  • Give direction
  • Create appeal and confidence
  • Motivate and intrigue
  • Simplify activities
  • …and much more

Graphics designers at Media Plexus are highly experienced in the use available creative materials to support and reinforce the objectives of media and development projects. 

  • Logos, corporate identity and branding
  • Sell Sheets, Brochures, Booklets, Catalogs
  • Business Cards, Postcards, Mailers
  • Magazine ads and cover design
  • Packaging and labels design
  • Unique vector and raster illustrations for books, covers, web, film etc

Video and Photo Production

Media Plexus and its partner company Focus offer a full spectrum of video and film production services: filming on all formats, editing, computer modeling, photo-real 3D animation and multimedia production.
Our cameras range from super 8, 16 mm to video, such as Beta SP, DV and SVHS. We offer one, two and four camera crews with all the necessary production gear for a wide range of projects. We can also produce live broadcast simulcasting for any event.

Editing suites for post production post-production. They range from Avid-9000, Avid Xpress to Pinnacle Reel Time Nitro. Mastering can be done onto Beta SP, 3/4, SVHS, and digital Beta.
Rigorous attention to detail and efficient production management ensures timely completion while sticking to the budget.

  • Broadcast quality video
  • Commercials, Infomercials and Educational video
  • Film Productions
  • Scripting and story
  • Fashion and product photography
  • Photo Editing and manipulation
  • Digital & Analog